LEKON 3-IN-1 WARMING PAD- for lumber (tan)


Lekon 3-in-1 Therapeutic Warming Pad (4 sizes)


Lekon 3-in-1 Therapeutic Warming Pads combine magnetic therapy, negative ion technology, and far-infrared treatment in one. They are ergonomically designed to fit the neck, shoulders, waist, knees, wrists, palms, elbows, and ankles. The pads are made of an adhesive-bonding fabric, micro magnetic buttons, and a unique blend of nano gem-quality mineral powder tightly adhered to the layers of fabric to form the inner core of the pads.




The small magnetic buttons inside the pads can produce beneficial energy into the body’s bio-magnetic field.

The nano gem-quality mineral powder contained in the pads can generate negative ions and the negative ions can neutralize free radicals by donating their extra electrons, thus to prevent further deterioration and boost the body’s natural healing power. The nano gem-quality mineral powder contains multi-angular ceramic particles. They act as little blocking boards to reflect the electromagnetic radiation from the human body back towards the skin to form an endless supply of energy.

All these properties give Lekon 3-in-1 Therapy Series Warming Pads the following abilities: to stimulate cell regeneration and increase vitality, to accelerate metabolism and restore energy, to facilitate the absorption of edema by its surrounding tissues and reduce the pressure of the inflamed tissues over the nerves, to eliminate free radicals, and to slow down aging. When the above mentioned functions work together, the good effect of the treatment by Lekon 3-in-1 Therapy Series Warming Pads can be easily achieved– swelling can be diminished, inflammation can be eliminated, pains can be alleviated, cartilaginous tissues can be generated, and the function of the joints can be recovered.






• 1 (Small): 5.5″H x 40″L (tan only)
• 2 (Medium): 5.5″H x 42″L (tan only)
• 3 (Large): 5.5″H x 47″L (tan/black)
• 4 (Extra Large): 6″H x 49″L (tan/black)

1 per pack

Weight N/A

1 (Small): 5.5"H x 40"L (Tan), 2 (Medium): 5.5"H x 42"L (Tan), 3 (Large): 5.5"H x 47"L (Tan), 4 (Extra Large): 6"H x 49"L (Tan), 5 (Large): 5.5"H x 47"L (Black), 6 (Extra Large): 6"H x 49"L (Black)